Review about recent technologies to assess the quality and improve postharvest of citrus fruits

Review about recent technologies to assess the quality and improve postharvest of citrus fruits

Strano, M.C. et al., Horticulturae

Citrus spp. are spread mainly in the Mediterranean basin and represent the largest fruit source for human consumption.

Postharvest losses, mainly due to diseases and metabolic disorders of fruits, can cause severe wastage, reaching 30 to 50% of the total production.

Preserving quality and extending shelf life are essential objectives for postharvest technological innovation, determined by the proper handling, treatment, storage and transport of harvested produce.

Moreover, the application of novel sustainable strategies is critical for the reduction of synthetic fungicide residues on fruit surfaces and the impact on the environment caused by waste disposal of fungicides.

In this article, the current knowledge about the safest and more sustainable strategies, as well as advanced postharvest handling and storage technologies, will be critically reviewed. 


1. Introduction

2. Causes of Postharvest Loss in Citrus Fruit
2.1. Postharvest Diseases
2.2. Physiological Disorders

3. Novel Citrus Postharvest Technologies and Strategies

3.1. Physical Treatments
3.1.1. Heat Treatments
3.1.2. Irradiation
3.1.3. LED Blue Light
3.1.4. Other Emerging Non-Thermal Technologies
3.1.5. Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP)
3.1.6. Precooling
3.1.7. Modified and Controlled Atmosphere Storage
3.1.8. Innovative Packaging

3.2. Emerging Chemical Strategies
3.2.1. Sanitizing Agents
3.2.2. Inorganic and Organic Compounds
3.2.3. Natural Antifungal Compounds
3.2.4. 1-MCP

3.3. Biocontrol

3.4. Coatings

4. Non-Destructive Methods for Quality Assessment
4.1. Visible and Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy (Vis/NIR)
4.2. Hyperspectral Imaging Analysis
4.3. Raman Spectroscopy
4.4. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
4.5. Nanosensors for Early Detection

5. Future Directions

6. Patents

Postharvest Technologies of Fresh Citrus Fruit: Advances and Recent Developments for the Loss Reduction during Handling and Storage 
Strano, M.C.; Altieri, G.; Allegra, M.; Di Renzo, G.C.; Paterna, G.; Matera, A.; Genovese, F.
Horticulturae 20228, 612.

This article belongs to the Special Issue Postharvest Management of Citrus Fruit

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