SCF packaging and top films to preserve quality, vegie peeler, yellow and new tomatoes

SCF packaging and top films to preserve quality, vegie peeler, yellow and new tomatoesSCF packaging and top films to preserve quality, vegie peeler, yellow and new tomatoesSCF packaging and top films to preserve quality, vegie peeler, yellow and new tomatoesSCF packaging and top films to preserve quality, vegie peeler, yellow and new tomatoesSCF packaging and top films to preserve quality, vegie peeler, yellow and new tomatoes

Fruit Logistica 2019 Spotlight 6

Fruit Logistica 2019 Spotlight includes following products:

SCF packaging with internal partitions, rounded corners, non-slip grip and stackable (1st. picture)
The new version of the SCF EPS packaging with internal partitions can accommodate a variety of products or small containers. With rounded corners and non-slip grip, these stackable boxes are designed to preserve the quality of fruits and vegetables. The isothermal properties of styrofoam (EPS) also extend the shelf life of products. The following external dimensions are available: 300 x 200 mm (height 100 to 160 mm), 300 x 500 mm (height 80 to 220 mm), 300 x 400 mm (height 80 to 200 mm) and 400 x 600 mm (height 100 to 220 mm). EPS consists of 2% raw material and 98 percent air. The material is completely recyclable and minimizes disposal efforts. SCF packaging is customizable with corporate brands, bar and QR codes. Graphics can be changed for each order at no additional charge. The printing ink is non-toxic and resistant to moisture. The colours do not penetrate the packaging so that the product inside remains unaffected.

Smile 2Lite top film, fresh and crispy produce to the last bite (2nd picture)
SmileSys S.p.A. is presenting Smile 2Lite at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2019. According to the exhibitor, this is the first resealable, label-free top film for trays made of plastic, cardboard or cellulose. The top film keeps packaged products fresh and crispy to the last bite. It also prevents food waste due to spoilage after opening – without heavy and costly plastic lids or additional packaging. This also significantly reduces plastic consumption and CO2 emissions as well as the handling volume of raw materials and final packaging. Smile 2lite has a worldwide patent pending and is suitable for tamper-proof seals. Graphics, form and material are fully customizable. The film seals perfectly on plastics (PET, PP and PE) as well as on paper or cellulose, making it possible to create recyclable and compostable solutions.

MBS Veggie Line drum peeler, easy switching between carborundum and knife peeling (3rd picture)
The market for ready-to-cook potatoes continues to grow and knife-peeled products are especially popular. Responding to this trend, Sormac has expanded its MS and MBS series product lines to offer an exceptionally wide range of potato peelers with machines to handle every capacity requirement. The popular MS-10 and MS-20 models have recently been supplemented by the MS-30. With its three-metre peeling drum, this knife peeler reaches a capacity of up to 7,000 kilograms per hour. The new MBS models in the "Veggie Line" are suitable for capacities of up to 1,000 kilograms per hour. Flexibility is one of the key advantages of these machines thanks to their capability to easily switch between carborundum and knife peeling. The drum peelers in the MBS series (image) are based on technically and ergonomically advanced designs and can be integrated into an automated production line. And they are time-controlled: peeled products are automatically removed while the feed belt delivers the next batch.

Shiny F1 tomato, homogeneous, deep yellow, tasty and shiny (4th picture)
Excellent texture and good sugar content between 9 and 10 °Brix – Shiny F1 tomatoes by Southern Seed are ideal for salads. According to the exhibitor, this product follows trend markets and offers a variety of niche solutions. The demand for Shiny F1 is rapidly growing because the tomato is in line with modern eating habits: consumers are eating more fruit and vegetables as a snack. This new tomato is popular in Italy as well as overseas and is often ordered by organic companies. The plant grows indefinitely, is very rustic and averagely vigorous. Other features include medium and standard internode length along with high productivity. The fruit is homogeneous, deep yellow and characterised by its taste and brilliance. It has good firmness for a longer shelf life and is suitable for transplanting in a greenhouse all year round.

YOOM tomato, remarkable colour and innovative aroma (5th picture)
The YOOM® tomato, by Syngenta Seeds, is characterised by its extraordinary colour and innovative, well-balanced sweet and sour aroma. This is enhanced by its savoury and exotic umami flavour with an intense field-to-fork freshness. Along with its wonderful taste, YOOM® is rich in anthocyanins compared to conventional tomatoes, which makes it ideal for healthy lifestyles. The new variety also contains lots of vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, potassium and selenium. The purple colour comes from the anthocyanin compounds that are beneficial for a healthy diet. According to the exhibitor, YOOM® offers an affordable gourmet experience for consumers who want to improve their daily nutrition intake and increase their vitality. Grown by selected partners, the new tomato variety is available in branded trays, loose or on the vine.