The offer of Postharvest

The offer of Postharvest
Postharvest is a free access portal for the members of the fruit, vegetable and ornamental industry: growers, packers, exporters, distributors, markets, supermarkets and other points of sale, advisers, ... The goal is that they can find the products, services and information needed for their business.

For companies or institutions that manufacture products or provide services to the produce and horticultural industries, Postharvest is a showcase.

How information is structured?
The information is about products and services, and in the form of news, which may be of technical or general.

For each company there is a space for their products and services, that can also be found using the Finder.

The update of the information is permanent.

How is this information disseminated?
The main forms of dissemination for the information is through the visits of the users, search engines that find the information in Postharvest, and Postharvest News, the weekly newsletter. We also have banner exchanges with selected professional sites.

In addition ...
Postharvest publishes the Directory, available in pdf.
Postharvest participates every year in the fairs Fruit Logistica, Fruit Attraction and Macfrut, handing out a brochure with the participating companies and institutions.

Postharvest also participates in other shows (PMA, Alimentaria, Hispack, ...) and in courses and conferences.

There is also a Spanish language version, Poscosecha,, and ... in both versions, thanks to Google translator, all the language versions of this tool.