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ZEA sorter, a range developed specifically for the seed and fresh corn industry

The ZEA, by TOMRA, is a sensor based food sorting machine for seed corn producers to sort/grade for husk, defect, disease and size. It is the ideal efficiency, quality and cost reduction tool for processors where capacity, husk and defect sorts are critical. It is a low cost of ownership machine that is built to last.In the organization’s quest for continual change and improvement, Lauber Seed Farms has taken a bold step towards innovation by partnering with TOMRA Sorting Food and installing a number of our automatic ZEA sorting systems. ZEA food sorting machine: Overview - High capacity and low maintenance sorter- Flexible sorter with gentle handling assured- Simple controls and feedback- Integrated Unique 3 Way Rejector [patent applied for]- Consistent long life accuracy - Multiple configurations possible: Top View Camera Module with 2 Stream or 3 Stream Sorting Top and Bottom View Camera Modules with 2 or 3 Way Stream SortingFood sorting applicationsVegetables: Seed cornTOMRA Sorting Solutions continues to expand its ZEA sorter range developed specifically for the seed and fresh corn industry.More information
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