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AgroFresh is a global leader in delivering innovative post-harvest quality and freshness solutions that answer real business challenges at every step of the produce supply chain.

The AgroFresh organization has more than 40 years of experience putting innovation in motion, including being the first to introduce 1-MCP technology as a tool for ethylene management with SmartFresh™, as well as the development of Uvasys™, the world’s first laminated S02 generating sheets product and the leading fungal decal solution for table grapes.

From next-gen digital monitoring, analytics, intelligent packing solutions and a comprehensive portfolio of plant-based coatings, equipment and proprietary solutions, AgroFresh has what it takes to help growers, packers and retailers deliver abundant, accessible, quality produce from harvest to home.

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Products / Services

AgroFresh's products include:

  • 1-Methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) technology
  • Post-harvest protection products
  • Waxes, coatings, detergents, and disinfectants
  • Application and dosing equipment. Control systems for ripening and storage chambers.
  • So2 smart packaging
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