Controlled atmosphere and industrial solutions


For over 30 years, ABSOGER has been a global leader in the field of controlled atmosphere, designing equipment that preserves the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables in a natural way.

Absoger has always been at the forefront of technology. As a result, they have developed systems that automate the management of various fruit preservation parameters in ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) and XLO (Extreme Low Oxygen), ethylene control systems, dynamic pressure management in chambers, applications for the preservation of berries, treatments to eliminate astringency in persimmons, and controlled atmosphere systems for research.

Furthermore, Absoger has developed specific applications of the Rapid CA method for apples and pears.

Products / Services

ABSOGER offers a wide range of nitrogen generators, carbon dioxide adsorbers, ethylene catalysts, oxygen (O2) analyzers, carbon dioxide (CO2) analyzers, and ethylene (C2H4) analyzers, as well as O2, CO2, and C2H4 management systems. They also provide regular cold storage rooms, controlled atmosphere ULO/Extreme ULO cold storage chambers, doors, panels for cold storage rooms, and dryers, among other products.

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