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Worldwide benchmark in the fruit and vegetable packaging with nets


The GRUP GIRÓ provides the complete solution to the whole process of packing fruit and vegetables, manufacturing and selling consumables -nets, films, labels, clipping wire-, and machinery to automatizing the packaging process.

Giró is a world leader in the production of knitted nets and films for fresh produce packaging. Its commercial network has worldwide coverage, being present in more than fifty countries throughout the 5 continents, Giró has 7 production plants and outstanding R+D team to develop new packaging concepts.

Giró net packages are worldwide well known, like Girsac or Ultrabag. Thanks to the big investments in R & D, new packaging systems are continuously launched to offer new solutions according to the market demand.

Recently, the company has launched successful packages like Window Compact, Clip2Clip or Handle Bag. Some of them have been adopted by multinational supermarkets to pack their fruits.

Also, Giró offers advanced machinery for weighing and packing. The new Exact100 weigher is the most precise automatic weigher for citrus. Exact100 gives a hogh output together with an outstanding weight accuracy which gives a lot of savings to the fruit packer.

GirBagger is the best seller bagging machine. It’s the most versatile in the market as it can makes up to 10 different bag styles for fresh produce.

Products / Services

GRUP GIRO Packaging Technology includes:

  • Tubular net
  • Printed films and labels for packing fruits and vegetables
  • Weighing and packaging machinery for fresh produce
  • Nets for palletization.
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