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We ensure the safety of the fruits of your labor: food


The production and consumption of safe food are fundamental cornerstones of our society. The success of the food supply chain depends on the trust that all parties involved are capable of conveying to the end consumer.

ANALYTICA ALIMENTARIA identifies critical points in the food supply chain and helps eliminate risks through inspections, sampling, chemical and microbiological analyses, enabling informed decisions to be made before the product enters the market.

The company develops customized food safety projects and implements them according to the requirements of its clients. It facilitates online listening and communication channels that allow the transmission of research and the development of new analytical methods to its clients.

It provides independent consultancy in all aspects of food safety.

Analytica Alimentaria holds accreditations according to ISO/IEC 17025 from European and international accreditation bodies for all relevant sampling and analytical services.

The company operates in the main production areas with our agronomists and project technicians present in Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, India, and Egypt.

Products / Services

ANALYTICA ALIMENTARIA provides inspection services, sampling, chemical, and microbiological analysis for fruits and vegetables.

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