Met Mann
Met Mann


Specialists in process air control: temperature, humidity and hygiene


MET MANN has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing products for air conditioning, ventilation, and air treatment, providing solutions for various sectors, including industrial, commercial, livestock, agriculture, residential, and more.

MET MANN exports its products to over 20 countries, offering a continuous and efficient service to its customers located in various geographic locations.

The motto, "Comfort and satisfaction are our goals," clearly defines MET MANN's philosophy: ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

In recent years, MET MANN has invested in restructuring and technology to maintain its position as a leading company in the sectors it serves, delivering quality products at competitive prices.

High-performance heating and cooling systems result in significant energy savings and a reduction in harmful emissions to the environment. Therefore, all MET MANN products comply with the most stringent regulations.

MET MANN holds the ISO 9001:2008 quality certification, which officially attests that the processes employed in production, marketing, and after-sales service meet established parameters.

Products / Services

The range of MET MANN products comprises solutions for:


Hot heating equipment for industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic air industry

Hot air generators, Generators of outdoor hot air, Hot air generators for agricultural uses, hot air for drying processes, Hot air generators multi-position, Cab to increase the air temperature, Air heaters with gas or water, different kinds of heaters, and industrial accessories. 

Biomass stoves and boilers

Pellet stoves, biomass boilers, pellet boilers, wood boilers, poly fuel boilers, etc.:

  • Pellet AIR stoves
  • HIDRO pellet stoves
  • Compact pellet boilers
  • Industrial biomass heating
  • Wood stoves

Adiabatic cooling

Evaporative coolers, Axial evaporative coolers, Adiabatic modules, Air conditioners, Air diffusers, Cooling pads, and Spare parts. 


Fans for different flow rates, Extraction covers, Fume extractors, Air curtains, Bathroom exhausters, Ceiling fans and ceiling fans heat recuperators, Ventilation and air treatment, Heat exchangers, Air extraction boxes, Extractors and domestic fans, Ventilation of residential buildings, Different pressure axial fans, Ventilation boxes without and with heating and air filtration, different fans types (circular and rectangular in-line, low-level sound), Roof extractors, Ventilation accessories (filters, batteries, silencers, grids, fires, gates), Regulation and control for ventilation equipment.


Air dehumidifiers

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