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Ejido Cartón

Ejido Cartón



Recyclable packaging for bulk and retail units


EJIDO CARTÓN is a company specializing in recyclable packaging for the fruits and vegetables market. In addition to the traditional range of bulk packaging, it stands out for its wide variety of packaging options designed for individual sales, covering a range from 125 grams to one kilogram.

Our flexibility and ability to provide turnkey solutions for any market circumstance lead us to assert that if the customer needs packaging that stands out on the shelf, breaks away from the monotony, is recyclable, and has proven performance, they should not hesitate to contact us. Simply by specifying the fruit to be packaged and the required unit size, we will design an attractive package, take care of the logistics, and have it available wherever it is needed.

Products / Services

EJIDO CARTÓN manufactures packaging for agriculture, including cardboard boxes and containers, trays, molded pulp trays, pallet covers, and dividers, among other products.

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