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Industrial refrigeration

ISOFRED  is a family-owned company dedicated to the world of refrigeration, offering services for the study, design, and maintenance of industrial refrigeration installations and climate control.

For the past 25 years, we have been clear that the only path to follow is specialization and continuous improvement, striving for technical excellence in our projects and the products we offer. We always contribute the maximum of our human resources, knowledge, and innovation, working collaboratively with our clients to achieve the best professional and quality results in their installations. We are committed to using environmentally friendly refrigerants with high energy and thermodynamic efficiency.

Products / Services

ISOFRED  offers the following services:

  • Custom design and study of preservation installations
  • Consultation on the preservation of your installations
  • Preservation chambers
  • Modified atmosphere chambers (maturation, degreening, and desastringency for persimmons)
  • Static and dynamic air pre-cooling equipment
  • Static and dynamic water pre-cooling equipment (hydrocooling)
  • Controlled and dynamic atmosphere systems
  • High-temperature heat pumps.
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