Marvil Engineering

Marvil Engineering

Cooling and CA


Controlled Atmosphere is in our DNA

Marvil Engineering is focused on constant research in the CA sector, which has led to extraordinary achievements in the field of conservation.

The history of the company is made up of numerous projects designed and installed in various countries around the world.

Fields of application

The field of application of Marvil Engineering solutions are:

  • Conservation of fruits and vegetables: AC and ULO; Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere-ILOS PLUS-DCA; Pallet, Maturation of fruits, Drying of grapes

  • Conservation of food commodities: Packaging in modified atmosphere

  • Disinfestation of parasites: Eco Pest Control, Ecogas, natural, without toxic gasses and no residues

  • Fire prevention: ORS Oxygen reductions system complying EN 16750

  • Industry: Nitrogen

  • Conservation of cultural heritage: The use of Nitrogen to protect cultural heritage

  • Engineering: The engineering activity developed inside Marvil is recognized and appreciated in many sectors. Engineering is part of our DNA, thinking and designing in a view of creating and proposing solutions ever more suitable to achieve goals, obtain optimum results with reduced cost and better yields.

Products / Services

Marvil Engineering products include:

  • Nitrogen generators
  • Carbon-dioxide absorber
  • Gas analyzers: Megas electronic gas analyzer, O2 and CO2 portable analyzer Helpy
  • Ethylene scrubbers: Etym catalytic ethylene converter; Chemical ethylene purifier MK 600; Frubel, chemical preparation in granular form
  • Automation
  • Insulation and sealants: Gascoat, gas-sealing coating; Fiberil, glass tissue; tissue 100, synthetic tissue; MAT 225, fiber glass tissue.
  • Accessories: Gas-tight panels, Gas-tight doors and windows, Manometer, Psychrometers, Breathing Bags, Safety valves, Differential pressure sensors, Humidifiers for cold storage rooms AW-2, Electronic ethanol analyzer, Oxylarm oxygen analyzer,  
  • Experimental rooms
  • Quick cooling
  • Ripening Programmer
  • CA Pallet.
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