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Smart loggers: affordable, reliable & recyclable

KELVIN-SOLUTIONS is composed of a team of people with much experience in cold chain monitoring. We want to meet the needs of the market by listening to our customers and looking into solutions that meet their expectations and requirements.

What do we do?

We offer low-cost solutions such as electronic indicators, in order to check on the spot whether the temperature has been respected during the transport or storage; if you need data there is the low-cost single-use logger to also give you the result at a glance and to provide you with an automated data sheet.


INNOlog SU Data logger, Temperature indicator, INNO Check, and monitoring tracks INNOTrack are essential tools for monitoring the constancy of the temperature during transport and storage.


The applications of INNOlog SU Data logger, INNOCheck, and INNOTrack include cold logistics, perishable logistics comprising cut flowers and plants, fresh and frozen food products, and logistics of pharmaceutical, biological and medical products. Also cold chain management, and cold storage temperature monitoring.


Clients of KELVIN-SOLUTIONS include perishable exporters, importers & traders, Clinical trials logistics and Pharmaceuticals exporters. Medical devices exporters, Food safety professionals and Food retailers. Catering, Pharmacies, Cold storage professionals and Cold chain professionals. 

Products / Services

Products by KELVIN-SOLUTIONS include: 

  • USB temperature monitors, single-use
  • Electronic temperature indicators
  • Real-time monitoring for sensitive logistics.
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