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The leading website on technology for the preservation, processing, and packaging of fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals

For over 20 years, Postharvest.biz has been a specialized platform providing relevant information on postharvest techniques, products, and services to all members of the agri-food chain, from producers to distributors. This aims to ensure better-quality products reach the end consumers, guaranteeing future sales and profits.

To achieve this, it disseminates daily news updates and technical-commercial information from leading companies in storage technology, packaging, and horticultural processing via its website, a weekly newsletter, Postharvest News, and social media platforms.

Moreover, Potharvest.biz serves as a business platform, assisting its readers in finding postharvest solutions that best suit their needs by redirecting inquiries or orders received to companies that are clients of Postharvest.biz.

Finally, Postharvest.biz promotes its clients in all fairs and conferences it attends.

For all these reasons, Postharvest.biz stands as the perfect showcase for all postharvest sector companies wishing to showcase their products and services to producers, technicians, quality managers, researchers, and distributors worldwide.

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Alicia Namesny


PhD in Agricultural Engineering. CEO of SPE3


PhD in Agricultural Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV).

She began her professional career at the Faculty of Agronomy in Uruguay, working in the departments of Phytopathology and Fruit Growing.

Highly involved in disseminating horticultural technology, she has taught courses, authored three books on Vegetable Postharvest, and contributed numerous articles to various publications.

Pere Papasseit


Coordinator at SPE3. Editor at ACTUAL FruVeg and Biblioteca Horticultura


40 years in professional activities within Horticulture.

Engaged in seed and agricultural plastics trading.

Editor of the Horticultura magazine from 1982 to 2010; founder of the Horticom.com website in 1995; Founder of the 5 a Day Association in Spain and promoter of the Fruit&Veg European Project from 2001 to 2003.

Director of Tecnologiahorticola.com, ActualFruVeg.com, and the Biblioteca Horticultura.

Claudia Conesa


PhD in Agricultural Engineering. Editor at Poscosecha.com and Postharvest.biz

PhD in Agricultural Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), where she conducted her research at the Institute of Food Engineering for Development (IIAD – UPV) in agri-food waste utilization.

She works at the company SPE3 and coordinates the Postharvest Technology Course organized annually with UPV and the Citrus Postharvest Conference, organized in conjunction with the Valencian Institute of Agricultural Research (IVIA).

About SPE3

Postharvest.biz is part of the SPE3 group, a digital publishing company specializing in the horticultural, nursery, and ornamental sectors. Additionally, it manages:

  • Poscosecha.com: Storage, processing, and marketing technologies for the Spanish-speaking world.
  • ACTUAL FruVeg: News on healthy food, nutrition and gastronomy
  • Tecnología Hortícola: Information on products and technologies for open field and greenhouse technologies
  • Biblioteca Horticultura: Online consultation and download of technical documents and information regarding educational activities conducted by the company


Contact and Fiscal Information

SPE3, s.l
c/ Dr. Manuel Candela 26 – 11
46021 Valencia – España
+34 – 649 485 677
CIF: ES B-43458744

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