Decco Ibérica

Decco Ibérica



DECCO More. Beautiful. Fresh.


DECCO IBÉRICA is a company specialized in post-harvest treatments for fruits, ensuring they reach consumers with the best quality and excellent appearance.

DECCO offers products such as Deccoshield for pre-harvest application, which enhances the quality and post-harvest shelf life of treated fruits. In post-harvest, they provide a wide range of waxes, edible coatings, fungicides, disinfectants, biocides, fumigant canisters, and more.

In recent years, DECCO has been introducing a range of Technical Solutions (ethylene absorbers, modified atmosphere bags, thermographs, and quality parameter measurement instruments). These products complement post-harvest treatments, extending shelf life, preserving freshness, and delaying aging, or controlling product conditions during the ripening, harvesting, and marketing processes.

In recognition of the importance of environmental conservation, Decco also markets equipment such as SRC DECCO (Treatment Solution Recovery System) for filtering and recycling treatment solutions and DECCOWASH systems for reusing washing water.


Products / Services

DECCO IBÉRICA is a manufacturer and distributor of post-harvest products, including:

  • Coatings for fruits and vegetables.
  • Fungicides and anti-scald solutions. Biocides for the food industry.
  • Application and control machinery.
  • Specialized technical advisory services.
  • Products offered include waxes, detergents, fumigants, fungicides, anti-scald solutions, cleaning and disinfection products, among others.
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