Fresh Produce Instruments

Fresh Produce Instruments



European Source of Quality Improvement Instrumentation for Fresh Produce


FRESH PRODUCE INSTRUMENTS helps the fresh produce industry to monitor, maintain, and improve the quality of their fresh produce, by the sale and service of technical instruments aimed at addressing the measurement and control of parameters that dictate quality. 

High quality brands are providers of Fresh Produce Instruments. Main brands are:

  • Aguair
  • Catalytic Generators
  • DeltaTrak
  • Felix Instruments
  • HM Digital
  • Horiba
  • Sagaform

The range of instruments allow the monitoring of ripening & degreening, ethylene management, air analysis, gas analysis, temperature measurement, humidification, mould removal, ethylene removal, quality control, fruit firmness assesment, etc.

Products / Services

FRESH PRODUCE INSTRUMENTS range of instruments include:

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