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Instruments for applied food science - Offering quality control for fresh produce through NIR spectroscopy and ethylene analysis


FELIX INSTRUMENTS is leading the way in innovative produce management technology, providing real, usable data for the fresh produce market.

FELIX INSTRUMENTS designs and manufacturers tools for growers, packers, and handlers to manage produce quality and extend shelf-life. Our measurement tools provide objective, repeatable data on gas concentrations, sugar content, water content, acidity and any number of key quality measures of fresh produce.

Backed by Researchers

For over 25 years our tools have been used for plant physiology research in universities, government agencies, and commercial organizations around the globe.

True Portability

Our instruments are designed to be lightweight, compact, and simple to operate. They are portable and easy to use in any environment, from the lab to the field.

Products / Services


  • Produce Quality Meter (Dry matter, Total Soluble Solids (Brix), Chlorophyll)
  • Ethylene, Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen analyzers, with accessories and chambers
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