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Bringing spaces under control: ripening, precooling and cooling


BG DOOR International manufactures industrial doors and precooling systems.

The company is highly specialized in sectional ripening room doors for a wide range of fruits, including tropical fruits and specially bananas. Due the characteristics of the ripening, BG Door has developed a superior range of gas-tight doors using high-grade materials and seals.

The clients are located worldwide were a ripening process is run or any other operation that requires a tight room with an efficiently energetic solution, and minimum space consuming (sectional doors for cooling and pre-cooling).

Thanks to our broad experience and close cooperation with major specialists in the field of banana ripening we can offer you several disciplines. Our tailor-made advice is the starting point for successful projects. Which system do you prefer? How much room is available? Do you have a new plant, production hall or facility expansion under discussion? Which produce should be stored or conditioned?

Products / Services

BG DOOR International products include:

  • Gastight doors: Gastight Sectional Doors, Gastight Panel Doors, Gastight Flex Doors
  • Temperature control: ISO Therm Door, ISO Roll Door
  • Separation: Flex Door, Dual Flex Door
  • Workflow: Sectional Overhead Door, Speed Roll Door, Hoist Up Door
  • Fruit Storage and Ripening: Mobile Precool Unit, Ecotop Start, Tarp Systems.

Additional services:

  • Consultancy before, during and after the project
  • Supply and assembly of especially designed gastight doors
  • Quick service and maintenance, with or without local back-up.
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