For over 50 years, preserving freshness and extending the life of fruits to ensure they reach the consumer with their full flavor and maximum quality.

Citrosol in Spain and around the world

Citrosol was established in 1964 in the region of La Safor, located in the province of Valencia, Spain, but quickly expanded its scope with branches in the Region of Murcia, Andalusia, and the Valencian Community to be close to its customers.

Currently, Citrosol is present in the major citrus and fruit-producing countries worldwide, with its own personnel in South Africa and Peru, and a presence in over 22 countries.

Sustainable technologies and products

Our goal is to develop sustainable technologies and products that contribute to reducing the industry's carbon footprint, helping our customers reduce water and energy consumption. Over 10 years ago, we pioneered the development of the Citrosol Zero Discharge® system in drenchers and "drenchers online," which is the first example of CIRCULAR ECONOMY in post-harvest treatments.

Maximum efficiency

A product with excellent results in the laboratory may not perform in the day-to-day operations of a Horticultural Center, as there are countless sources and factors of variability in industrial-level processes. To reduce this variability and achieve maximum effectiveness and consistency in our treatments, we develop more precise application systems that decrease variability in industrial application, leading to greater consistency in results.

To fulfill our commitments, we firmly believe that we must research, develop, and innovate in more sustainable solutions that, with our technical customer support, ensure the maximum efficiency of treatments, bridging the gap between the laboratory and industrial outcomes.

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