Interko is the Industry Leader In Custom Cooling Technology and Produce Ripening Systems.

For over thirty years, Interko has been a global leader in the design, manufacture and installation of custom cooling and ripening technology. Today, we continue this proud tradition, providing the most advanced cooling and ripening systems in the industry for customers worldwide.

Interko is a division of the Binair Group based in Moerkapelle, Holland. It was founded in 1970 to serve the cooling and ripening needs of the global floral and produce industries. Since then, Interko has grown to become the worldwide market leader in ripening room systems with a well-earned reputation for quality, innovation and service across the entire spectrum of cooling applications.

Ripening systems for banana ... but not only
Interko banana ripening systems have already been used for a number of decades by professional customers worldwide. And there's a good reason for that. Interko has after all been involved in the development of these systems right from the very beginning and so we have accumulated a lot of know-how. There are systems from those earliest times that are still running after more than 30 years! That tells you a lot about our quality and progressive design.

The range of banana ripening systems that can be delivered nowadays comprises a variety of designs that can be used for the most common applications. Clear instructions and simple installation mean that these systems can quickly be up and running.

Interko delivers complete systems that – depending on the layout of the room and architectural aspects of it such as the steel construction – can include the closing off the open air side of the boxes (airbags or curtains) and the controls if so desired. The gassing systems and gas-tight doors can also be delivered as part of the package.

The installer or customer then only has a single point of contact for the entire setup of the ripening room. If required, Interko also offers assistance for the assembly.

In addition to the conventional systems, Interko also produces a unique system that is almost ready to use off the shelf: the LOCK-SOCK® system. This movable system offers numerous possibilities for semi-permanent configurations with low installation costs.

Making ripening profitable

The benefits of an Interko system to the fruit ripener are:

- Low operating costs

- Premium quality fruit

- Longer shelf life and minimal product losses due to over-ripening and chilling.

Other produce that can be ripened with our installations are mangos, avocados, tomatoes, papayas, stone fruits, pears …

Products / services

Interko offers banana ripening systems, including the Lock Sock system®.

Also: Condensers and dry coolers, Air coolers (freezing units) and Custom-made heat exchangers.


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