The solutions for avocado, PlantSeal® Tropicals, and CITROCIDE® AVO SYSTEM by Citrosol are drawing interest in Colombia

The Valencian company presented its catalog and expertise at Territorio Aguacate, the main event in the sector held in Medellin

12 December, 2023

CITROSOL has again taken part in Territorio Aguacate, the sector's leading event organized by Corpohass and held on November 29th and 30th, 2023, in Medellin. In its fifth edition, this event brought together more than 130 companies worldwide, providing a unique space for the exhibition of products, services, and solutions to boost the industry throughout the value chain. In addition to the commercial activity, the event's highlights included the Academic Congress, featuring renowned international speakers, and AvoTalks, specialized talks led by leading companies.

During the event, Citrosol shared a booth with its distributor in Colombia, WEST QUÍMICA, and actively participated in the AvoTalks, showcasing their organic solutions to minimize post-harvest losses in avocados. Dr. Martín Mottura, leading the talk, addressed common challenges in the fruit and vegetable supply chain, specifically focusing on avocado issues such as external blemishes, pulp necrosis due to cold damage, and peduncular mold. Following this, two key technologies were presented during the event: the organic coating PlantSeal® Tropicals and CITROCIDE® AVO SYSTEM, certified organic agriculture inputs.

El Dr. Martín Mottura fue el encargado de impartir la charla en las AvoTalks

PlantSeal® Tropicals is an organic plant coating that has shown excellent results in controlling weight loss, allowing for higher avocado yields per container. It also reduces cold damage symptoms, such as pulp spotting and browning, with a reduction in internal cold damage of up to 84%. Consequently, PlantSeal® Tropicals enhances the firmness and appearance of the fruit, extending its shelf life.

On the other hand, the CITROCIDE® AVO SYSTEM was introduced, offering a comprehensive solution for hygienic avocado washing, ensuring food safety, and minimizing losses due to peduncular mold. This certified organic solution achieves effective washing without leaving residues on the fruit, controlling the appearance of peduncular mold with high efficiency.

The combination of both solutions, CITROCIDE® AVO SYSTEM and PlantSeal® Tropicals, provides a comprehensive strategy to extend the commercial life of avocados, reduce losses in the supply chain, and maximize fruit quality upon reaching the consumer. Furthermore, these solutions are organic and sustainable, meeting consumer demands and international market standards.


About Citrosol

Although founded in 1994 as Productos Citrosol, S.A., the post-harvest treatment and technology activity began in the 1960s within Electroquímica del Serpis, S.A., both located in Potries, Valencia. As a result of significant organic growth in the last 10-15 years, Citrosol currently employs 109 people, with 8 of them stationed in various countries and in its subsidiaries in South Africa, Citrosol South Africa Pty, and Peru. At its Potries facilities, the company has an R&D&I laboratory and a pilot plant of just over 1,200 m2. Its organic growth has been largely due to its strong innovative character, having received the CEPYME Innovation Award in 2015 and 2020, as well as the Innovation in Business Award 2020 from the Valencia Chamber of Commerce.

Citrosol initially specialized in treatments and post-harvest technology for citrus fruits, but for over a decade, due to its R&D&I work, it has been developing solutions to extend the commercial life of avocados, peppers, tomatoes, peeled garlic, and other fruits and vegetables. Currently, Citrosol is introducing its solution for fresh-cut produce, the Citrocide® Fresh-Cut System, significantly reducing the water and carbon footprint in the production of minimally processed fruits and vegetables. With all its treatments and technologies, Citrosol greatly contributes to reducing food losses and waste in fresh fruits and vegetables.

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