Specialist since almost 30 years, ABSOGER Company manufactures a complete range of systems dedicated to fruits & vegetables preservation in Controlled Atmosphere and ULO.

The ABSOGER’s range of products allows complete control of the gases in the cold storage room. It has been developed in collaboration with research centers to fit totally with the need of the fruits and of the users.

ABSOGER manufacture Nitrogen Generators for the specialized requirements of industrial applications: Blanketing of oil, chemicals, perfumes. Plastic injection, wine preservation etc. Adsorption dryers and Air Freezer are also included in these industrial applications.

Products / services

ABSOGER offer includes:

Nitrogen generators, CO2 scrubbers, Ethylene scrubbers, O2 – CO2 analyzers, 02 – C02 automatic controllers, controlled atmosphere rooms, normal cold rooms, cold room panels, doors, and accessories, dryers.

Also in situ gas generation for the industry: nitrogen generators, oxygen generators, frozen air delivery, adsorption dryers, references in industry. Cold room insulation:controlled atmosphere rooms, normal cold rooms, cold rooms panels, doors for cold rooms & accesories.