AGRICOAT NATURESEAL Ltd., manufactures specialty products for processors, grocery / detail, and foodservice, counting also with Kosher certified formulations. Natureseal is a line of products that keep cut produce fresh. All the products are allergen and sulfite-free.

Agricoat Natureseal Ltd. is part of the Mantrose-Bradshaw-Zinsser Group (MBZ). Mantrose (UK) is the British based subsidiary of the American MBZ Group. MBZ have over 100 years of experience in formulating natural, edible coatings and specialty films for a variety of aesthetic and functional benefits for fruits, nuts, confectionary, baked goods, and other food products. Freshseel, specialty coatings for the post-harvest protection of melons.

Semperfresh, sucrose ester based fruit coating for the post harvest protection of fruits and vegetables during packing, storage, shipping, and marketing. Specialty coatings for the post harvest protection of melons, fruit and vegetables.

In addition, Natureseal FS has been added to this range of products as a result of the demand of processors after a chlorine free product for washing the produce before cutting. FS is a blend of different acids that could be used to substitute traditional chlorine wash while processing fruit and vegetables. Its sulfite-free (GRAS) ingredients continue to be recognized for meeting the industry’s highest standards for quality, performance, consistency and functionality.

Agricoat has made a long term commitment to superior  research and development, quality control and good manufacturing practices.


Products / services

AGRICOAT NATURESEAL offers formulas for processors, grocery / retail, and foodservice.

Processor formulas include Pre-Washes, Fresh-Cut Formulas, Fresh Frozen Formulas, and Dehydration Formulas.
NatureSeal also works with Equipment Manufaccturers.

Products include coatings for the post harvest protection of melons Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Galia y Piel de Sapo, ananas; coatings for pome fruits (apples and pears), papaya, etc. Edible coatings for apple, pear, carrot, celery, etc., and minimally processed or ready to eat products products. Also for red beet, parsnip, yam, etc.

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