ANALYTICA ALIMENTARIA is an internationally operating company dealing with food safety issues. We have established ourselves as an independent laboratory, specializing in the analysis of pesticide residues, pathogen germs and other food contaminants, mainly on fruit and vegetables. We combine testing strategies, onsite presence in cultivation areas and first-class analysis. This 3-stages approach enables us to offer strategic advice and food analysis across the entire supply chain.  

Analytica Alimentaria is a leading company and a first-choice consultant for all matters involving safety and risk avoidance in the food industry. We help to identify and prevent food crises at an early stage. The key factors in our success are: strategy, speed, communication, independence and trust.  

Analytica Alimentaria provides across-the-board expertise and formidable resources, and together with our team we guarantee compliance with the most demanding standards of the global markets.


Analytica Alimentaria GmbH 

Berlin-Brandenburg site
Dreilinden Technology and Industry Park
Fahrenheitstr. 5
14532 Kleinmachnow, Deutschland
Phone: +49-33203 88480

Almería site
Polígono Industrial Sector 20
C/ Carbón, Portal 2
04009 Almería, Spanien
Phone: +34-950 622809

Products / services

ANALYTICA ALIMENTARIA helps market participants to ensure food safety and transparency across the entire supply chain, thus meeting customer and consumer demands. We sample and analyze food, develop and implement customized food safety concepts, research and develop new analytical methods and provide independent consulting on food safety issues.

Analytica Alimentaria holds ISO 17025 accreditations from European and international accreditation bodies for all relevant sampling and testing activities.