PACLIFE manufactures a new generation of packaging films, with high permeability, for the conservation of fruits, vegetables and ornamentals.

It is active packaging, that is interacting with the products inside the bag, managing to change the internal atmosphere, increasing the life of fresh fruits and vegetables, which has irrefutably demonstrated in the last export seasons by the Chilean fruit industry.

The technology applied corresponds to a development patented by the company; after the sealing of the PAC LIFE bag, the fruit or vegetable continues to breathe, lowering the concentration of oxygen and increasing carbon dioxide within it. Thus, an atmosphere of equilibrium is achieved inside the container, extending the life of the product, while maintaining its flavor and organoleptic characteristics.

The before technology, characterized by the high permeability of our bags, with plastic adapted to each species, is complemented with the addition of ethylene absorbers in the polymer matrix, to avoid the action of this hormone, that catalizes the senescence and maturation of fruits and vegetables.

The company counts on numerous trials about its plastics and practical results from export to distant markets.

Products / services

PACLIFE manufactures MAP, Modified Atmosphere Packaging, for long therm keeping and transport of apple, stone fruit (cherry, apricot, nectarin, peach), kiwifruit, avocado, table grape, blackberries and other berries, pomegranate, asparagus and other vegetables and flowers. Also domestic applications.

Pac Life materials are available as bags and bin covers, with characteristics in terms of gas and moisture permeability, and ethylene absorption, adapted to different species.

The PacLife product range includes:
- Modified atmosphere bags for Cherries, Nectarines, Berries, Kiwis and vegetables in general.
- Rapid cooling bags for plums, kiwis and apples.
- Pac Life bags for domestic use.

Paclife Home attends the domestic and HoReCa markets.