The Preservation and Material Protection Division of Janssen Pharmaceutica, an international company, is active throughout the world in all sectors of post-harvest. It has devoted itself specifically to the research and development of solutions for this sector, with a focus on sustainable development. It specializes in fungicides that not only are highly effective, but also offer a high level of safety to the operator and the environment, not to mention the end user. To this end, we maintain close contact with bodies concerned with the whole food chain, including the competent authorities. All the Division´s products and services meet ISO 9001, 9002 and 14001 standards.

Mission Statement

To enhance wellness and preventive health care through innovative and sustainable technologies, delivery systems and products that protect people by inhibiting the propagation and transmission of pathogens, allergens, and contaminants that occur in their surroundings.

Janssen Preservation & Material Protection

Janssen PMP (Preservation and Material Protection) a division of Janssen Pharmaceutica NV in Beerse, Belgium is a long-established world leader in devising and formulating new and highly effective compounds to protect the produce and products on which we rely.

We have a parallel and equally important focus, which is to protect the health and well-being of the people that use and benefit from our products and the environments in which they are used, from initial application to consumption or disposal.

Leading in Food Chain Management
Products from Janssen Preservation & Material Protection are specially formulated to protect fresh fruit and vegetables, from harvest until they arrive at the household or restaurant table.

Tropical, citrus, stone and pome fruits, root and leaf vegetables, are protected from molds like Penicillium spp, Botrytis cinerea and other fungal and bacterial rots, in transport, in storage and on (the) shelf. Food quality is preserved and food safety is enhanced.

From Harvest to Home
Our products are working around the world to protect fresh fruit and vegetables along the Food Chain from processing through transport, storage and shelf, to the consumer's home; reducing waste and preserving nutritional value.


Products / services

The Preservation and Material Protection Division of Janssen Pharmaceutica offers the following fungicides for the FCM, Food Chain Management: FUNGAFLOR TM, FUNGAZIL TM, FECUNDAL TM, PENBOTEC TM, PHILABUSTER TM