Updated website of the fruit and vegetable machinery manufacturer MatycUpdated website of the fruit and vegetable machinery manufacturer Matyc

Updated website of the fruit and vegetable machinery manufacturer Matyc

Key is the involvement in the projects of the clients

Matyc, manufacturer of fruit and vegetable machinery, offers the most complete service of solutions for clothing warehouses. His involvement, with designs adapted to each situation: "In our mentality, we only can get involved with our customers’ projects by trying to advise overall, even in processes and products that we do not execute, because success means bringing together all the elements and not individualised parts."

After more than 25 years in the industry, Matyc continues to evolve, both in the manufacturing procedures and the website to showcase the offer. The previous one, from 2015, has maintained the wealth of information, and now adds an attractive aspect, easy to find information, and versatility in the updating.

They emphasize the importance that in the company's philosophy has the search for solutions that are comprehensive, specific to each client, with unique machinery that represents the best equipment for each need, covering the entire value chain and including the company's guarantee in regarding customer satisfaction.

Matyc offers solutions for the treatment of fruits and vegetables, clothing, dumping and filling, electrical solutions and other equipment.

In Spain, its clients include first-class cooperatives and companies such as San Cayetano, Alpi, Zamora Citrus, Lolita, Fruca Marketing and Campounión in Spain. Maty also works internationally (2nd picture).

Matyc product line includes drying tunnels, fruit and vegetable washing machine, wax applicators, Supercompact (treatment line), automatic bin tipper, hydraulic bin tipper, modular pool, packaging tables, return tables, lungs, drenchers, scales, box feeders, lines for vegetables, packinghouse management software, control panel and wiring, automatic bin filling systems, disc filler for bins, mechanised box lowering system, …

Services by Matyc include Advice, Design and implementation, Update of the installations, Assembly and After Sales, and Technical Service.

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