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In a world where the need for high-tech solutions, to ensure the necessary quality and quantity of the world’s food production, keeps growing, VAM WaterTech plays an internationally leading role in providing innovative water purification solutions for agrofood packaging and processing that improve not only the health of consumers but also that of the environment and industry.

VAM WaterTech agrofood water purification systems:
- Ensure the economical and sustainable use of water for agrofood processors and packers.
- Allows to produce agrofood products in a safer and healthier way.

Each individual VAM WaterTech solution is customized. An analysis of the situation is made by our specialists together with the client, where the specific needs are discussed. This enables to offer a tailored solution specifically directed to the specific needs and circumstances of the client:
- Agrofood species; potatoes, root vegetables/carrots or hard fruits such as apples and pears
- The tonnage being processed
- The desired level of purification: from the percentage required by law up to 100%!
- Your future plans and developments regarding requirements and demands of the market.

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VAM WaterTech agrofood water purification sysems contributes to the entire value chain:

Agrofood Packers

Agrofood Industrial processors

Agrofood Retailers

Government & Society

VAM WaterTech has numerous installations in processors of carrots, potatoes, red beet, fruit warehouses (apple, pear, ...), flower bulbs, ...