WYMA's team works together to help create, deliver and support innovative post-harvest solutions. Our fresh thinking is always available to help you keep improving the way you process your vegetables.

Wyma's philosophy has always been to bring continuous improvement to our design, manufacturing, distribution and servicing capabilities. To achieve this, team work and ongoing customer relationships are crucial. We listen, we learn, we share, we deliver on our reputation for innovation, value and support in global markets.

Our equipment is reputed for its robustness and effectiveness achieved through quality design and manufacturing and years of experience. It is also flexible as we recognise the importance of providing smart, adaptable products and solutions that meet current and future customer needs.

Our fresh inspiration comes from end user needs and experiences and an internal drive for performance and new ideas. Our traditional approach starts with understanding our customers' business, the fresh produce they handle, their physical constraints and their equipment expectations. This knowledge and understanding is then discussed within the Wyma team to formulate fresh possibilities which will be shared with you. This consultative approach continues until Wyma customers are provided with a unique solution that can add value to their business.

As we say, "if it's worth growing, it's worth handling with Wyma".

WYMA designs, manufactures, distributes and services post-harvest root
vegetable handling equipment and solutions worldwide; but not only. The company also provides solutions for the broccoli industry, for pumpkins, truck washing, ...

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Products / services

WYMA manufactures equipment to tip, receive (hoppers), brush, wash, polish, peel, cool, dry, convey, grade, size and pack vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and parsnips. Also provide equipment to remove waste and stones from vegetables, equipment to fill bins and water recycling systems, hydrocooling, truck washing, washers for other vegetables like broccoli, pumpkin brusching, ...

WYMA fabrica Equipos para volcar, recibir (tolvas), cepillar, lavar, pulir, pelar, secar, transportar, clasificar, calibrar y envasar hortalizas tales como patatas, zanahorais y nabos. También proporciona equipos para despedregar, para eliminar los desechos, equipos para llenar bins y sistemas de reciclaje de agua, hidroenfriadores, lavado de caminoes, lavadoras para otras hortalizas como brócoli, cepillado de calabazas, ...