Macfrut Academy: A New Video Lesson on Chilean Cherries, Spotlighting a Globally Successful Supply Chain

Thursday 14 March, 5 p.m. (GMT+1): spotlight on Chilean cherries, a globally successful supply chain

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12 March, 2024

Chile takes center stage in the latest two Macfrut Academy video lessons, focusing on a globally successful case study in cherries. The first episode, dedicated to the field phase, will be aired on Thursday 14 March at 5 pm GMT+1 (Italian time), titled ‘Chilean cherry: a successful supply chain’. The 30-minute video lesson provides a detailed look at how Chile has successfully overcome the challenges of a difficult market: the cherry market. The country now exports 90% of its production and has conquered the Chinese market.

The class begins with a general overview of the ‘Chilean model’ by Carlos Tapia, founder and technical director of Avium, a company specializing in research and development for cherry production.

The focus then moves on to the field, in particular varietal choices, agronomic techniques, selection, and commercial strategies. Speakers include key players in the industry, such as Lorena Pinto, Manager of Cherry Ana Chile, Juan Pablo Zoffoli, lecturer at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, and Andrea Ravaioli, Knowledge Transfer Office Manager at the University of Bologna: a shining example of synergy between academic research and the production industry.

Dr Stefano Lugli, representative of the Plant Nursery Area at Macfrut 2024, provided technical advice for the episode. The second episode, which will also be dedicated to the Chilean cherry supply chain, will focus on post-harvesting.

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This video lesson on the Chilean cherry supply chain is the third episode of the Macfrut Academy, the innovative digital platform for professionals in the fruit and vegetable sector. This prestigious and scientific digital platform, designed in an agile format, offers insight into key topics in the fruit and vegetable supply chain to keep professionals updated with the latest industry news. All episodes are also available on demand after registering on the platform.



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