MF - Mantenimientos Frigoríficos Sevilla
MF - Mantenimientos Frigoríficos Sevilla

MF - Mantenimientos Frigoríficos Sevilla

Cooling and CA


Specialists in industrial refrigeration for the agrifood business

MANTENIMIENTOS FRIGORÍFICOS SEVILLA - MF is a company located in Seville with extensive experience in the industrial refrigeration sector, primarily oriented towards the agri-food industry. Their relationship with clients is built on trust generation, achieved through designs, installations, and executions focused on savings and technologies adapted to market demands, such as low CO2 emissions, equipment optimization advice, and more.

MF provides customized solutions for the design, installation, maintenance, and recycling of various refrigeration systems, with a strong presence in the horticultural sector. They also serve the meat industry, dairy industry, fisheries, industrial baking, wine sector, and olive oil sector.

Products / Services

MF carries out installations in horticultural centers, including refrigeration chambers, storage and freezing chambers, air conditioning for handling rooms and docks, hydrocooling or water cooling, rapid cooling tunnels, as well as controlled atmosphere chambers, ripening chambers, and degreening chambers.

MF's installations are present in leading companies in the production of stone fruit, citrus, and strawberries.

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