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AgriCoat NatureSeal

AgriCoat NatureSeal


Specialists in friendly washing, prevention of browning in fresh-cut and maintaining quality in whole products

Plant-based coatings are used postharvest to delaying ripening, protect against chilling injury and reduce break down in whole produce. and browning prevention in minimally processed products. Friendly washes are also permited for organic (bio) products

09 July, 2024

AgriCoat NatureSeal Ltd offers solutions for maintaining quality and shelf life in whole head and fresh cut (IV Gamma) fruits and vegetables.  The company offers environmentally friendly washes for cleaning and decontaminating produce.  These washes are chlorine-free and are permitted for use in organic (bio) products. Our washes are especially effective in washing crops with heavy organic load, such as onions or carrots. 

Our plant-based coatings are used postharvest to delaying ripening, protect against chilling injury and reduce break down in whole produce. These coatings can be applied in a similar manner to traditional waxes and function by slowing respiration by restricting the uptake of oxygen without causing anaerobic conditions. Made from plant-based sugars and vegetable oils, our coatings are completely edible and biodegradable. Current research is aimed at tailoring coatings to specific fruits.

In IV Gamma, the NatureSeal products are used to prevent oxidative browning, maintain texture and taste.  These products again include formulations approved for organic production.  Our products are GMO and sulphite/allergen free and approved as Kosher and Halal. NatureSeal products are manufactured and blended in UK at our BRC accredited blending and packing facility.

The main uses for NatureSeal include the prevention of browning in sliced fruit such as apples, pears and mangos as well as in trimmed and peeled vegetables. 


Several formulations for avocado

Our various formulations for avocado maintain freshness in both fresh and frozen slices, dices and halves as well as guacamole.  NatureSeal is helping manufactures achieve quality shelf life for avocado inclusions in   sushi, sandwiches, poke bowls and salads.


R&D facilities allow customized solutions

As part of a multinational corporation our solutions are used by fruit packers and processors across the World.  We have R&D facilities in USA and UK and offices in North America, UK, Europe and Asia. This enables us to work closely with our customers assisting in their NPD and production scale up.


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