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Loading system Isoperfect for refrigerated docks


Isoperfect is a revolutionary loading and unloading system from ANGEL MIR that guarantees heat sealing in the refrigerated docks thanks to the opening of the vehicle doors inside the building.

Only in this way, it avoids the loss of temperature and prevents the entry of external agents (dust, insects, etc.). It is the ideal system for the fulfilment of the international food certifications IFS and BRC.

It is a fast and functional system thanks to a single control panel for the entire sequence that minimizes the risk of accidents.

The most significant equipment involved in this process are:

  • the AH ISO loading dock inflatable shelter that adapts to the shape of any vehicle;
  • the Sandwich sectional door having a thickness of 80 mm;
  • the Telesco dock leveller with a telescopic lip system to bridge the gap between the dock and the truck floor;
  • TM 500P steel and rubber protection bumpers with impact dumping and downward movement allowing the opening of the truck doors into the warehouse;
  • as well as wheel guides for trucks and various security systems such as wheel chocks, dock lights, dock controllers, safety barriers, etc.

All of them designed and manufactured according to the highest quality and reliability that Angel Mir offers.

In addition, it can include a lower sealing cushion AH 4BAGS to completely seal the whole contour of the truck and achieve a high degree of insulation ensuring maximum energy efficiency, thus saving enormously on power costs.

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