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Mobile Precool Unit, to cool down rapidly to the desired temperature

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Mobile Precool Unit, de BG DOOR, allows to cool down rapidly to the desired temperature fruits (included soft fruits like berries) and vegetables.

It allows a reduction of tje cooling time up to 75%, reduces the weight loss, and and extends the shelf life, and is movable by fork lift for flexibility

Next to cold air, the Mobile Precool unit can process hot, frozen, wet or dry air too.

Meaning the moveable unit can be used in a wide range of applications. From cooling down soft fruits to rapidly freezing meat to drying ginger or defrosting bottled juices. The possibilities and use cases are endless.


  • Unit suitable for 2 pallets wide and max. 12 pallets deep, a total of 24 pallets
  • Operation: EC ventilator including timer
  • Tarp including remote control with hand-held transmitter
  • Side cushion for pallets sealing available
  • Your company logo or name on tarp curtain when required.

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