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Ethylene product for banana ripening approved in Germany

Catalytic Generators has obtained BVL approval for its Ethy-Gen ® II Concentrate product in Germany

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20 February, 2024
Cooling and CA

Catalytic Generators has obtained BVL (Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety) approval for its Ethy-Gen ® II Concentrate product in Germany. A noteworthy achievement, this signifies that as a plant protection product, it has met the necessary safety and efficacy standards required for its use.

Ethy-Gen ® II has held US EPA approval for many years, but recently, the company undertook registration in EU countries and has heavily invested in the authorisations. After successful Dutch registration, the company applied for German registration. Greg Akins, Catalytic’s President & CEO, said:

“We want to offer German banana ripeners the same quality ethylene application products that we do in North America and other countries, and BVL approval was key to this".

Soon to follow are registrations in other EU member states.

The company’s ethylene application process, invented in the US over 50 years ago, involves the conversion of a liter of Ethy-Gen ® II in their Easy-Ripe ® Generator. Ethylene is created in a safe and economical manner, as it is emitted slowly over the 24-hour application time. Akins added:

“Any ethylene ppm requirement for ripening is safe and easy to do with our equipment. Safety is something we take seriously as it is the hallmark of our business. Not only is Ethy-Gen ® II certified, but we also invest in having our generator comply with safety standards.”

The company’s various generators hold TÜV certification, a highly recognized mark of trust and quality worldwide. When a product, service, or process receives TÜV certification, it signifies that it has undergone rigorous testing for safety and compliance with national, regional, and international regulations.

With distribution points in the EU for their products, Catalytic Generators is dedicated to serving the German market. For further details on how to simply your ripening, contact the company:

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