Citrosol A S UE, the wax that reduces costs and does more to preserve the quality of the fruit

CITROSOL has developed a generation of citrus coating waxes that greatly reduce the high temperatures normally used during drying, bringing an enormous decrease in the quantity of energy required to dry the wax and thus reducing the consumption of energy and emission of greenhouse effect gases (CO2, CO, etc.) generated in the process. The product range Citrosol A S, Fast Drying Waxes) is a family of commercial waxes based on shellac (E – 904) and polyethylene wax, PE-wax (E – 914), that comply with the European Directive 9 5 /2 on food additives and the US legislation (Food and Drug Administration). It is possible then to export citrus treated with this protection in the whole world. Using Citrosol A S the temperature of drying air is lowered from 45ºC to 33ºC. In that way, the temperature of the pulp does not increase during the drying process. Using a conventional water wax, however, temperature increase of the pulp was 5,5ºC. At the same time, lower temperature in the drying tunnel leads to lower energy consumption. Energy savings of 60-70% vs traditional waxes. Good gloss.
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