Citrosol stands out at Fruit Logistica with its postharvest solutions

Citrus solutions, SunSeal® Vegan and PlantSeal® coatings, and the CitroFy system took center stage at the Berlin event

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15 February, 2024

After a successful participation in Fruit Logistica, Citrosol, a leader in technology and post-harvest treatments for fruits and vegetables, takes stock, emphasizing the interest received in its flagship products and the visits to its impressive booth by companies and entities from various countries. The Citrosol team also had the honor of hosting a visit from the President of the Generalitat Valenciana, Carlos Mazón

The Citrosol team had the honor of hosting a visit from the President of the Generalitat Valenciana, Carlos Mazón

More than 10 professionals from the company, including the CEO, the national and international sales departments, laboratory technical support, and the marketing department, attended Berlin from the 7th to the 9th to provide excellent customer service and showcase their post-harvest solutions at this international fair.

Citrosol team explains:

"The products that had the most reception—and that always stand out—are those related to citrus, which is our strength, both waxes and fungicides."

In fact, this year, there has been significant interest in the vegan waxes, SunSeal® Vegan and PlantSeal®, due to their V-LABEL certification and their ability to enhance protection and extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables in an ecological and vegan manner.

Citrosol also presented its CitroFy system during the event, giving visitors the opportunity to witness live demonstrations of this comprehensive solution that allows real-time connection of Citrosol's application systems and control of their parameters.

Representatives from companies and entities from different countries around the world also visited the 56m² booth. From the Spanish company, they add:

"The most frequent visitors were from Egypt and Morocco at the forefront, followed by Greece, Turkey, and Pakistan. From South America, we had visits from Peru, Uruguay, and Colombia, and also some from China."

Very satisfied with the response received at Fruit Logistica and the interest shown in their products both nationally and internationally, the company emphasizes its commitment to innovation and excellence in post-harvest technology.


About Citrosol

Although founded in 1994 as Productos Citrosol, S.A., the post-harvest treatments and technology activity began in the 1960s within Electroquímica del Serpis, S.A., both located in Potries, Valencia. As a result of significant organic growth in the last 10-15 years, Citrosol currently employs 109 people, with 8 of them stationed in various countries and its subsidiary in South Africa, Citrosol South Africa Pty, and Peru. In its Potries facilities, the company has a research and development laboratory and a pilot plant of just over 1,200 m2. Its organic growth is largely attributed to its strong innovative character, having received the CEPYME Innovation Award in 2015 and 2020, as well as the Innovation in Business Award in 2020 from the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia.

While Citrosol originated as a specialist in post-harvest treatments and technology for citrus fruits, for more than 10 years now, through its research and development work, it has been developing solutions to extend the shelf life of avocados, peppers, tomatoes, peeled garlic, and other fruits and vegetables. Currently, Citrosol is introducing its solution for fresh-cut produce to the market, the Citrocide® Fresh-Cut System, significantly reducing the water and carbon footprint in the production of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables. With all its treatments and technologies, Citrosol greatly contributes to reducing food losses and waste in fresh fruits and vegetables.

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