COMOSA STRAPP is a family company devoted to the packaging since more than 50 years ago and manufactures strapping materials.  Although the main activity is the manufacture of polypropylene strapping, both anonymous and in print, and polyester, Comosa also sells all types of machinery (strapping machines, stretch wrappers, ...) and related consumables.

Productos / Servicios

COMOSA STRAPP offer includes machinery and supplies for strapping. Strapping:Automatic: press polypropylene strapping, polypropylene strapping Side, for polypropylene strapping, pallet horizontal, installation of strapping press, horizontal strapping. Semiautomatic: table, horizontal stainless mobile pallet, carton sealing. Manuals: steel strapping, polyester strapping and polypropylene strapping pneumatic steel. Supplies: Automation, assembly and packaging lines management, strapping dispenser, metal joints, wire and raffia, polypropylene strapping semiautomatic and automatic, manual polypropylene strapping, polyester strapping manual and automatic, with and without printing strap, stretch film ; tape, bits of plastic. Wrapping: automatic, turntable.

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