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Do you know about the sooty mold problem of citrus?

DECCO Sol Max is a detergent specially designed to reduce the problem of citrus sooty mold

03 December, 2023

In the agricultural industry, and specifically citrus production, maintaining the quality of the products is essential. However, fresh products are exposed to exogenous threats both in the field and at the warehouse level. In recent seasons, we are witnessing a growing persistence over time and a greater incidence of sooty mold, a superficial fungus that can weaken the resistance of citrus fruits and negatively affect their appearance and commercial value.

DECCO Sol Max is presented as an essential post-harvest solution to reduce the incidence of this problem. This detergent has been developed to effectively remove soot and other surface contaminants from citrus after harvest. By performing a deep and complete cleaning, DECCO Sol Max not only improves the appearance of citrus fruits but also helps to preserve their freshness and quality.

One of the significant advantages of DECCO Sol Max is its ability to prepare citrus for subsequent treatments in the post-harvest process. By removing surface contaminants and reducing microbial load, this detergent facilitates the efficient application of fungicides and coatings. This not only extends the shelf life of products, but also reduces the risk of loss during storage and distribution.

In addition to its effectiveness in eliminating sooty mold, DECCO Sol Max has also stood out for its ability to eliminate other pathogens and residues, including remains of phytosanitary products used in the field. This feature ensures complete cleaning and contributes to food safety by reducing the presence of possible contaminants in citrus fruits.

In summary, DECCO Sol Max is presented as a comprehensive solution to optimize the quality of citrus fruits after harvest. By addressing the problem of sooty mold and other surface contaminants, this detergent not only improves the appearance of citrus, but it facilitates the work that other DECCO solutions will later do to extend its freshness and shelf life.

Farmers can rely on DECCO's service and the combination of our expertise with our solutions such as DECCO Sol Max to maintain the integrity and quality of their crops, thus ensuring fresh and healthy products for consumers.


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