The 9th Edition of the International Online Course on Postharvest & Fresh-Cut Technologies Starts in Two Weeks

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15 April, 2024

Two weeks to begin the 9th Edition of the International ON-LINE Course on Postharvest & Fresh-Cut Technologies offered by the Postharvest and Refrigeration Group of the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (UPCT, Spain). Official language is English.


Web and program



You can complete it at your convenience from 1st May to 31st October 2024.



The Course consists of 50 recorded videos of aprox 35 min each, with a total Course duration of 30 h. Have a look to the ‘making of’ and a Course sample. The videos will be on-line available on the virtual platform of our University and can be watched at the participant’s convenience.  The pdf of each presentation and complementary material will be available. There will be periodic Group Tutorials in streaming with the instructors demanded by the participants.



The Course is addressed to Postharvest professionals, professors, researchers and pre and post graduate students related to quality and safety assurance, research and extension on production, handling, transport and marketing of whole and fresh-cut horticultural commodities.



This course gathers 43 relevant instructors from the 5 Continents, 21 Countries and 32 Universities/Research Centers. See the list of instructors.


Registration fees

Professionals: 600€; Students: 300 €; EUT+ students: 200 €; UPCT students: 150 €.



An average of 50 participants from more than 30 countries have been graduated in each of the previous edition (65% professionals), who considered the Course as 'Highly Satisfactory' according to the quality report prepared by the University.


More information available in the website or ask for additional info at

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