The 2024 Interpoma Congress: Spotlight On New Genetic Technologies And Digital Orchard Solutions

The apple industry’s traditional trade congress is split into two sessions scheduled for the mornings of November 21 and 22, 2024 during the 13th Interpoma at Fiera Bolzano

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07 February, 2024

On November 21 and 22, 2024 the Interpoma Congress will take place in Fiera Bolzano during the Interpoma trade fair. The Congress is the only international event of its kind dedicated to apples and cutting-edge innovations in the industry. It is overseen by Walter Guerra, Head of the Fruitgrowing Working Group at the Laimburg Experimental Centre since 2005, and the Centre’s Vice-Director since 2021. 

The international Congress is split into two morning sessions. A panel of international experts will discuss “Genetic evolution: New breeding technologies” on November 21st, while the focus will shift to “Digital revolution: Orchards of the future” on November 22nd.

The first conference on the morning of November 21st will feature five keynote speakers and a final roundtable. Anja Lukasiewicz (WUR Wageningen, The Netherlands) will start by giving an overview on global  legislation regulating the industry. Giovanni Broggini (ETH Zurich) will follow with an update on the latest  state of research; Neal Carter (OS Fruits, USA) will look at apples in the US and talk about the GMO variety  Arctic® Apples; Angela Bearth (ETH Zurich) will provide insights into what consumers think and Jan Plagge  (Bioland, Germany) will present some key arguments brought forth by opponents of NBTs, New Breeding Techniques.

On November 22nd, the conference will focus on digital solutions within the orchard itself. Some of the  already confirmed speakers are Walter Guerra, Konni Biegert (KOB Bodensee) from Germany, Luigi Manfrini (S3O Bologna) from Italy, Ian Goodwin (Tatura farms) from Australia, Steve Mantle (Inovv8) from the US, and Àlex Escolà Agustí (Universitat de Lleida) from Spain.

Walter Guerra, Congress Coordinator, says:

“Once again, Interpoma Congress will provide all stakeholders with both an overview and a laser-sharp focus on the world of apples and how the industry is changing.  Technological breeding advances will be discussed together with an analysis of the ever-growing support  offered by digital solutions, chiefly AI, as well as others.”

Early Bird registrations to the Interpoma Congress open in spring.


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