Met Mann
Met Mann

KILL MANN, low and high temperature electric heater for drying processes, dehydration of food, elimination of pests, etc.

KILL MANN, by MET MANN, is a high temperature electric heater from 1.6 to 7.6 kWm. The applied technology allows to obtain the following flows and thermal jumps:Flow Thermal jump440 m3/h 90 °C305 m3/h 139 °C215 m3/h 212 °C The equipment is totally portable and can be supplied with single-phase or three-phase voltage. The electronic control, incorporates a PID algorithm that manages the 12 powers assigned to the equipment obtaining a significant energy saving when adapting to the power required according to the requested temperature and detected by up to 4 probes. The control can also manage the fan speed, delay after the setpoint temperature has been reached, time programming and a fully configurable hidden menu to adapt the equipment to the heating, drying or simply ventilation needs. The fields of application are very diverse in which we can emphasize:- Low and high temperature drying processes, - Dehydration of food, - Elimination of pests,- Drying of upholstery, - Drying in works, etc. More information
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