SteriLumen™. Better air. Better life


SteriLumen was founded in 2016 to provide novel, easy to deploy and effective devices to protect vulnerable populations from dangerous infections.

SteriLumen engineers create patented products that employ proven germicidal UVC in a variety of automated and connected designs, rising to meet the disinfection challenges in the most important industries.

Its guiding principle is to create safe environments without creating emissions of ozone or other chemicals, and provide the modern convenience of connected, remote asset management capabilities that enable Data Driven Disinfection™.

In 2020 the company formed a strategic partnership with Akida LLC, makers of the NASA-commissioned Airocide™ product line to address air-borne pathogens and bring market-leading air purification technology to the fight against coronavirus. Together, their advanced designs and infection control technologies significantly lower the risk of infection, controlling outbreaks and allowing businesses to get back to what they do best. They are a wholly owned subsidiary of Applied UV Inc. (NASDAQ:AUVI).

Productos / Servicios

Aircocide® air sanitizers by SteriLumen™ prevent food spoilage and provide indoor air purification to extend shelf life and increase your profit.

Don’t let airborne pathogens ruin your food product and profitability. Airocide’s proprietary Photocatalytic Oxidation technology completely eliminates ethylene gas, formaldehyde and airborne contaminants to ensure you’ve always got foods with long shelf life in stock.

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