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Cherry Vision 3.0 and UNIQ Cherry, external and internal quality


Ongoing research and development on Cherry selection enable us to help customers in achieving high quality and production standards, providing tangible solutions to the different requirements of fruit & vegetable packing houses in handling this special, much sought-after fruit.

UNITEC innovative electronic technologies for the processing, sorting and quality selection of Cherries are present in over 30 countries around the world.

The preservation of Cherries integrity, possible thanks to our ultra-sensitive technology, is one of the key factors behind the success enjoyed by our customers, as it allows them to export their products to any market, no matter how distant.

Cherry Vision 3.0 and UNIQ Cherry

Thanks to Cherry Vision 3.0 technology, UNITEC has again improved the cherry business.

Cherry Vision 3.0 is able to reduce processing costs, increase operating margins and help Customers open new markets, thanks to the absolute Consistency of the Quality offered to end Consumers. It is an intelligent technology, 100% designed by UNITEC R&D department and completely manufactured within the Company, equipped with high-resolution cameras which scan all the fruit surface, in order to sort cherries according to their characteristics.

In this way, Cherry Vision 3.0 guarantees the end Consumers Consistent Quality in each supply over time, thus improving credibility and raising the profile of Packing Houses, that can expand their business at the highest level, even in more demanding markets.

In addition to Cherry Vision 3 technology, UNITEC has recently launched into international market UNIQ Cherry, the innovative technology for the internal quality Cherries selection.

This system is completely developed within the UNITEC R&D department and it is able to reveal every characteristic and every organoleptic secret of Cherries.

The most important cherry growers in the world have chosen UNITEC quality, innovation and technology. UNITEC takes loving care of your business and develops new winning ideas together with you.

That is, it works to make the achievement of your goals concrete. To grow your business and grow together with you. You can count on us, whether you are market leader or simply entrepreneurs looking to the future.

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