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Innovation in Alternative Protein Processing: A Growing Market

At Hispack 2024, Urschel showcased the new M VersaPro Dicer and new models of the Comitrol processor

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12 June, 2024

Consumers are increasingly interested in alternative proteins, driven by nutritional reasons, environmental considerations, and animal empathy. As a result, plant-based sources, particularly legumes (such as fava beans, chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans, peanuts, soybeans, lupins, etc.), are being utilized in new ways as ingredients for meat substitute preparations. These preparations require specialized equipment capable of handling their various textures.

Consumers also demand easy-to-consume foods that require little to no preparation, creating a new business opportunity and adding value to plant-based products.

Urschel’s showcased equipment, specializing in cutting technologies, targets both market demands.


Dicer for Alternative Proteins

The M VersaPro® Dicer is a next-generation protein processor based on Urschel's M and M6 models. This equipment offers the best in sanitary design and the latest in versatile protein cutting. It provides a 33% increase in feed capacity compared to the standard M6, thanks to wider belts, optimized cutting, and increased power.

The IP69K-certified electrical panel features a double-sealed door for enhanced protection during cleaning. Among other improvements, a new patented grooved crosscut option provides a smoother cut. A deeper circular blade penetration for the feed drum results in an improved cutting.


Enhancing the Range of Processors

Urschel’s Comitrol® range of processors caters to different industry needs. The 3600F - 3640F models are designed for low-volume environments with high capacity requirements. The compact size is popular in both small-volume production environments and large-scale operations.

Common applications include reprocessing bakery products, beef/poultry/seafood and their derivatives, and vegetable/fruit reductions. It provides continuous operation for uninterrupted production and is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance tasks.


In the image, from left to right, Enrique Sanz, Sergio Gil, and Miguel Conejo at the company's booth at Hispack 2024.

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