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Direct Thermal Labels: Innovation and Efficiency for the Food Industry

Benefits of Xeda's Direct Thermal Labels for Clamshell Trays

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04 June, 2024

What are Direct Thermal Labels?

Direct thermal labels are specially designed for labeling and sealing fruit trays. Made from white printing paper, they feature a thermosensitive coating on both sides. This coating allows the black image to be revealed when heat is applied, providing excellent resistance to moisture, grease, oil, and alcohol. This durability ensures that the information on the label remains legible and intact even under challenging conditions.


Sustainability and Regulatory Compliance

Sustainability is a key consideration in the manufacture of these labels. They are produced with FSC Mix Credit certified pulp, ensuring that the paper comes from responsible and sustainable sources. Additionally, the adhesive used in these labels complies with European directives and legislation, as well as FDA 175.105 and the German BFR’s XXI recommendations, guaranteeing their safety for use on food products.


Available Varieties

To accommodate different needs and preferences, these labels are also available in semi-gloss non-thermal paper. This option offers flexibility for those who need labels with specific characteristics that direct thermal paper does not provide.


Efficient Application with ATH-IX-BR

An essential part of the labeling system is Xeda Ibérica’s ATH-IX-BR automatic machine. This compact, reliable, and functional solution ensures perfect labeling. The printing and dispensing of the labels are performed in real-time at an impressive speed of 50 to 60 trays per minute, depending on the label size. This efficient performance not only saves time but also increases productivity.

The ATH-IX-BR machine is equipped with a light column and an audible warning that informs the operator when the label roll is about to run out. This feature ensures a continuous and uninterrupted labeling process, minimizing downtime and improving operational efficiency.


Key Benefits

  • Durability: Superior resistance to moisture, grease, oil, and alcohol.
  • Sustainability: Made with FSC Mix Credit certified pulp and adhesive compliant with European directives, FDA, and BFR recommendations.
  • Efficiency: Real-time printing and dispensing at a speed of 50 to 60 trays per minute.
  • Ease of Use: Visual and audible warnings for label replenishment.

Direct thermal labels for clamshell trays represent an innovative and efficient solution for the food industry. They combine durability, sustainability, and regulatory compliance with fast and reliable application thanks to the ATH-IX-BR automatic machine. By choosing this solution, companies can ensure perfect labeling, maintain product quality, and optimize their operational processes.


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