FreshCloud ™ + Strella, an efficient digital management of the quality of your fruit


FreshCloud™ is an integrated digital platform created for produce industry professionals by produce experts who offer unparalleled expertise, service and support. The platform can be customized and scaled to your operation’s unique needs with unlimited access across your organization. It combines aggregated data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance supply chain efficiency and sustainability.

FreshCloud™ improves planning, production quality and profit potential by providing intelligent end-to-end data visibility. It offers automated, clear, real-time fruit quality reports that are easily accessible. It helps minimize production rejects and losses and manage labor and operating costs. In short, it helps to improve fruit and vegetable plant processes.

FreshCloud has also been proven to achieve significant savings, resource savings, repackaging and claims savings.

  • FreshCloud™ Inspection: Drive accuracy and consistency across your operation with optimized quality inspections and intelligent end-to-end data visibility for real-time planning and decision making.
  • Strella: specially designed for pears and apples, it helps to optimize the opening order of storage chambers. Thanks to its sensors, it offers real-time monitoring of the stored fruit throughout the season. AgroFresh is the official distributor of Strella worldwide.
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