Uvasys ™ & Berrisys ™, smart packaging for table grapes and berries

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Uvasys and Berrisys, by AgroFresh, are smart packages that are uniquely designed to protect table grapes and berries during transport and storage, empowering new ways to deliver freshness and quality to these crops. Meticulously crafted with advanced laminated membranes, they offer the option of dual or single release, to win the fight against Botrytis cinera and open a world of unparalleled protection for your fruit.

Both Uvasys™ and Berrisys™ use laminated plastic membranes and offer a range of single and two-stage release options designed with precise Na2S2O5 concentrations and particle sizes.

These two solutions maintain the same manufacturing principles, guaranteeing optimum safety for berries and table grapes.

  • Within Uvasys ™ there are the following types of formats: Uvasys ™ Dual Release Green, Uvasys ™ Dual Release Blue, Uvasys ™ Dual Release Blue Recyclable, Uvasys ™ Slow-Release, Uvasys ™ Fast Release Economic, Uvasys ™ Fast Release Recyclable.
  • Within Berrisys ™ there are the following types of formats: Berrisys ™ Dual Release Blue, Berrisys ™ Dual Release Lite, Berrisys ™ Dual Release Recyclable, Berrisys ™ Dual Release Lite Recyclable y Berrisys ™ Single Release Recyclable
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