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Ángel Mir Returns to the BIEMH Fair in Bilbao with Innovative Solutions in Industrial Doors and Logistics Equipment

Ángel Mir participates in the BIEMH Fair in Bilbao, showcasing innovations in industrial doors and logistics equipment at stand D46, Hall 6

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28 May, 2024
Transports and logistics

Once again, Ángel Mir returns to participate in the BIEMH Fair in Bilbao, the leading national machinery fair and highly recognized in Europe.

The specialist in industrial doors and logistics equipment will present the following new products at their stand D46 in Hall 6:

  • Rolltex Fire, the innovative fire resistant roll up curtain without water irrigation to control and sectorize fires, with a classification of up to EI₂-120 category B on both sides, approved with CE marking according to the UNE EN 16034 regulation. See more
  • Mirzip Market, the high-speed self-repairing door suitable for passages having influx of people and where a careful aesthetic without industrial finishings is required. See more
  • Fold up sectional door Compact, fitting in all kind of industrial spaces, the sectional door Compact is the best solution thanks to its vertical fold up system, of a versatile and unique design. See more
  • Safedock, tThe safety barriers have the function of preventing possible falls both of operators and pallet trucks or forklifts in the loading dock without door or when the door is open and the truck is not yet in place. See more
  • The 3 New 100 mm Insulated Sectional Doors: Made of rock wool with fire sectorization; fiberglass for corrosive environments, and thermal insulation for cold storage rooms.
  • Fold-up high-speed door Grand Pass, the door for large openings and high wind pressures. See more
  • Automatic chocks Calematic are a new safe system that immobilize the loading vehicle. The vehicle wheels are blocked automatically through one or various wedges forming the system. See more
  • The vertical doors Avantgates operate as an outer barrier offering a quick access to the vehicles and restricting the intrusion of people or animals. See more
  • Roll-up high-speed door Instant Protect, the innovative door for separating welding robots, robotic cells or accesses to machines too delicate or dangerous. See more
  • Safety bench  avoids that the semi-trailer without a tractor unit unbalances and tilts forward when merchandise is gathered at its front part, preventing a serious accident from occurring at a loading dock. See more

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