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The most advanced industrial doors and best logistics solutions at Hispack 2024

Ángel Mir presented their industrial door solutions and logistic equipment at Hispack 2024, highlighting the Duo Air Ball door that prevented the entry of ice and condensation into freezing or preservation chambers

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13 May, 2024
Transports and logistics

From May 7th to 10th, Ángel Mir was at the Hispack fair in Fira de Barcelona Gran Via, an essential event for logistics and storage professionals. Visitors could find them at booth G187, where they showcased their latest innovations in industrial doors and outstanding solutions to optimize logistics.


New Duo Air Ball door for freezing or preservation chambers

The newest addition to the Angel Mir family was the Duo Air Ball door. This product featured a synchronized and self-repairing double door, equipped with an independent air curtain system designed to prevent the entry of ice and condensation into freezing or preservation chambers. Its design allowed for maintaining the temperature and humidity conditions that certain industries required.


Other products on display

  • Rolltex Fire: Fire-resistant roll-up curtain without water irrigation. It offered exceptional fire control and sectorization, maintaining integrity and thermal insulation.
  • Marketzip Auto Tracking-Door: A rapid self-guided door that combines aesthetics and functionality for areas with constant traffic, such as shopping centers and warehouses. Its zipper and guide system allowed for automatic repair in case of impact.
  • Avantgates: Vertical door serving as an exterior barrier, ideal for vehicle access in logistics parks and industrial areas.
  • Hermetic Ball and Hermetic Roll: Rapid doors designed for the pharmaceutical industry, with certifications guaranteeing high air tightness and resistance to pressures, crucial for maintaining controlled environments.
  • Instant Pass ISO VL: Designed to operate in temperatures as low as -25ºC, this vertically lifting rapid door offered superior thermal insulation.
  • Novosprint Syncro: The fastest industrial door on the market, with speeds of up to 5 m/s, ideal for logistics operations requiring quick opening.
  • Calematic and Manual Wheel Chocks: Safety systems that immobilized the vehicle during loading and unloading, increasing efficiency and safety at the loading dock.
  • BSR 10 Tn and BSR 30 Tn Safety Benchs: Lifting equipment allowing loading and unloading operations without a tractor, designed to handle loads of up to 30 tons safely and efficiently.
  • Dock Bumpers: Protected against collisions during loading, maintaining the proper distance between the vehicle and the dock, and reducing impact against the building.
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